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>> for anyone to go in there developing news. at 11 -- conflicting reports -- police say, no body has yet been recovered -- of the man you see here. christopher dorner- the murder suspect and former l.a. police officer. targeted in a massive manhunt. several media outlets reported his body was found in the rubble of a burned cabin near big bear. we are piecing together the latest information on the search for dorner. kron 4's reggie kumar is live here in the studio. he has the latest on where the investigation stands now. reggie? >> reporter: pam. the san
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bernadino county sheriff's department saying someone matching the cop killer's description was inside the big bear cabin that caught fire. but, it cannot confirm or deny that there is a body inside the cabin, and if there is. investigators aren't saying if its that of christopher dorner. >> investigators are still at the scene in big bear where the cabin burned down earlier today. authorities say the crime scene is large and they will be out there, along with homicide detectives most of the night gathering evidence. there are reports investigators heard a gunshot before the fire started in the cabin. and.the suspect may have taken his own life. but, that has not been confirmed. san bernandino county sheriff's spokesperson cindy bachmann says detectives haven't entered the cabin yet. >> if there is a body inside the cabin. authorities say it could take a couple weeks for forsenic results to confirm the identity. san bernadino county sheriff's department expected to release more details tomorrow. >> continuing our coverage in the manhunt for the former l-a police officer dorner. chris welch has more from the big bear area - where the story continues to unfold. continuing our team coverage. during the earlier gunfire between dorner and the san bernadino county sheriff's deputies. two deputies were injured. and one of them has died. making dorner the suspect in four murders. kron4's jeff bush has an update. >> reporter: this was the
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scene mid afternoon. you can see two sepperate helicopters transporting the two san bernidino county sheriff's deputies who were shot as they arrived to assist three game wardens who came under fire by the suspect. >> there was a brief exchange of gunfire and one deputy has died and one deputy has still recovering from his injuries. >> reporter: the game wardens were the first to come in contact with the suspect and recognized him just before he began firing at them. >> he took a close look at the driver and recognized him as the suspect. before he even had a chance to put it out over the radio, they were driving in opposite directions, the suspect rolled his window down and the second patrol truck rolled up with the two wardens inside, that's when he engaged in the shooting with our two wardens inside.
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listen in and hear the sound of multiple shots fired during the gun fight. unfortunatly, the two deputies were hit. bang bang bang. >> a brief exchange of gunfire occurred between the deputies and the suspect. one of our deputies was injured. he's being treated here at the loma linda medical center. and, unfortunatly, one of our deputies passed away as a result of his injuries. the response at the hospital was fast and urgent. sheriff's deputies concerned about the news of their fallen comrads. the sheriff's department has not released the names
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of either deputy or how long they have been on the force. i'm jeff bush kron four news. back here in the bay area. tonight, police in antioch are stepping up patrols. after a woman was shot by a stray bullet inside her home kron 4's scott shows us what happened. >> jacqueline: as to go for thursday, friday, with a look at your extended forecast, coming up. >> pam: president obama talked about creating jobs and boosting the economy. details coming up. president also promising more troops home. the reaction from mothers of soldiers searching over the seas and a well known doctor with
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plans on having sex with a 13 year-old girl. next.
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>> santa cruz police have released a sketch of a man they say shot and robbed a woman the suspect pointed a rifle at the victim while she was waiting at a bus stop and demanded her to empty her pockets. the victim said she then felt what she thought was being hit in the head. doctors later discovered she had been shot. the victim is expected to make a full discovery. police is actively working on the investigation. the suspect is described as a medium built and a gruff the president talks about creating jobs and boosting the economy. it was part of his state of the union address. the details - coming up. president obama also promising to bring troops home. we'll hear reaction from mothers with children serving overseas. plus -- a well known santa rosa doctor arrested. after police say was making plans to have sex with a 13-year-old girl.
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>> the latest in the manhunt for former l-a police officer christopher dorner. conflicting reports -- that a charred body inside a burned cabin in big bear belonged to him. l-a-p-d and other agencies say a body has yet to be found. it all started when a man matching dorner's description fled from a stolen car.after a gunbattle. the suspect barricading himself in the cabin. before it went up in flames. reports say no one emerged from the fire. two deputies were shot during the gunfight. one deputy later died. the second is expected to be okay. >> pam: a well known santa rosa surgeon is out of jail. after being arrested last night. police say, he had planned on having sex. with a 13 year old girl. officers say, he sent explicit text messages to the young girl and tried to meet her in novato. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on this surgeon, and how
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police arrested him. >> reporter: this is dr. raymond severt of santa rosa orthapedics. a man facing one felony and two misdemeanor sex charges involving a minor. >> it is shocking it feels like somebody punched to in the gut. >> patients like susan hornstein couldn?t believe the news about dr. severt who has treated her on occasion. >> he is a really nice guy he takes his time. and professionally, he is very good. >> reporter: those with novato police say it appears dr. severt met this 13 year old girl in a chat room. explicit text messages were sent but family members of the girl found those messages. when the doctor went to meet the girl near this intersection in novato, 27 miles from his office, police were waiting. dr. severt is not only a hand surgeon here but he?s also a partner of the office. i asked hornstein if she?ll be back to get treatment.
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>> i do not know. it is too fresh, to new my heart goes out to the family. and the practice. i hope this is not true. but hope is not make reality. >> reporter: those here at santa rosa orthapedics would not talk about the matter and some working here became enraged when i started telling patients about details in the police report. bail for dr. severt was set at half a million dollars at this point though bail has been posted and he is out of jail. in santa rosa, j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: president obama delivered his state of the union address tonight to both houses of congress. and millions of americans watching at home. the stakes were high in this emily schmidt reports. president obama just delivered his state of the union address to both houses of congress and millions of
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americans watching at home. >> the stakes were high in this much-anticipated speech. >> "the president of the united states" >> reporter: in his 4th state of the union address, president obama laid out the agenda for his second term in office. >> "the state of our union is stronger." >> reporter: the focus of tonight's speech: how *he plans to improve the economy and find work for 12 point 3 million unemployed americans. >> "broad-based economic growth requires a balanced approach to deficit reduction, with spending cuts and revenue, and with everybody doing >> reporter: warmly received by democrats and mostly dismissed by republicans, the president will need help from both parties to achieve his goals. >> "let's set party interests aside, and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments >> reporter: on foreign policy, the president announced a major troop withdrawal from afghansitan -- 34,000 by this time next year. on immigration reform, he pushed for a path to citizenship for the 11 million illigal immigrants currently in the u.s. >> "each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress." >> reporter: and on gun control - he made it clear
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he wants action. >> "the families of oak creek, and tucson, and blacksburg, and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence - they deserve a simple vote." >> reporter: following the president's speech, it was the republicans' turn. florida senator marco rubio delivered his party's message. >> "as you heard tonight, his solution to virtually every problem we face is for washington to tax more, borrow more and spend more." >> reporter: president obama said that none of the ideas proposed in his speech would increase the deficit by what he called a single dime. republicans were quick to point out that none of the ideas carried a price tag, just yet. on capitol hill, i'm emily schmidt reporting tonight, and i can announce that more troops will come home from afghanistan. this will continue in by the end of next year the war will be over in afghanistan >> pam: and that is welcome news to the president of the south bay chapter of the
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blue star moms military support group. with two sons in the marine corps, both of whom served three tours of duty in afghanistan, cathy crowder is thrilled. but she cautions, the war is far from over, and that america must not forget the troops who must fight on. there are still 35-70,000 mothers and fathers that have to worry and we have to keep the faith that they will keep coming home a safe and on harmed. it does not and when they are home. and- not harmed. while there are there, they are everybody's sons and daughters. we have to remember that they are oh yeah, that there are 70,000 troops over there. and if indeed it mr. obama is going to do what he's going to do what he said would he was going to do. >> pam: crowder's son kirk came home just last week.
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she remains optimistic that all the troops will be home by the end of 2014. when security is handed over to the afghan military. >> jacqueline: we have another chilly morning with areas of frost. 60s. fog tracker. it also for the bayshore and delta. it will be lifting whit sunny skies. sunny skies and it is going to be chili. 30's through napa, fairfield, and 30's in half moon bay. pleasant for california with mainly in the low 60s. mid-60s and the santa rosa, 62 in oakland, 63 and san jose. warming for thursday, friday. upper 60s things will cool down still rather
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mild. the next chance will be next week for weather rain. the sharks try and avoid their sixth straight loss. after starting the season a perfect 7-and-0 and the warriors try and get a win heading into the all star break. @÷
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gary has those stories, and
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>> gary: 1 jeremy lin and the rockets in town - final game before all star break he played in palo alto high now, 3rd quarter 2 lin - drives to the hole and gets it to drop 69-65 hou lin: 14 points, 10 assists 4th quarter 3 steph curry - catch and shoot long 3- pointer 91-86 hou curry: 27 points, 6 asts late 4th 3 lin - finds chandler parsons going backdoor for slam 109-99 hou parson: 21 points, 9 assists rockets only ten 3-pointers tonight after dropping a the other night >> lebron james, the first player with 30 points with the six straight games shooting 60 percent.
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rockets win: 116-107 the warriors continue to struggle they started at 7- 0. however, thiswarriors 5 game losing streak heading into all star break nba blazers at heat colin wilson added the game at over time. but the sharks their sixth straight losing to nashville. and bad news for tne alabama football prgram. four alabama players arrested four university of alabama
11:28 pm
suspended indefinitely following their arrests on charges including credit card fraud and robbery. two students were knocked unconscious in the robberies yesterday morning. charged with the crimes. all have been released from jail on bond. williams and hayes have confessed to the robberies, and calloway admitted to using a stolen debit card. bear home. >> the olympics as just announced that they will stop with wrestling as a competition. >> this is the largest baseball card. take a look is 90 ft. tall! is 60 ft. wide and it is said to be the largest baseball card, ever. and our sh is colorado sp.
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ana olsen take a look! and a bounce in! her team won the game louis palmer beat cheyenn mountain the the pitchers for the a's as baseball season starts everybody is excited because the giants or world championships. >> and i think we're all ready to go home. >> pam: have a great evening we will see you tomorrow. goodnight. (music)

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